Are you in balance with your business environment, all things considered?

A lot of the groups I have subscriptions to have been posing questions about engaging with people, particularly staff, to ensure that the business performs to it’s capacity and capabilities.

I have observed that many leaders make one particular mistake.  They don’t get their activities balanced right.  One of the golden rules of business is not focusing on the part of the business you enjoy doing the most.  You should be spending your time, when all things are considered, equally between your staff your customers and your shareholders (read stakeholders for those without pure shareholders!)  These are the key focus headings, there are others but these are the three keys!  And I am not talking work/life balance that is a whole different space for another day ….

Of course I have qualified the statement with a rider that this is an average position everything being equal.  That is over time the internal and external landscape pressures imposed on you and the company are also in balance.

Clearly if there is an impact in your ecosystem that causes you to focus on one of the the three areas more than the others then so be it.  Today I worked with a client on their sales and marketing strategies, clearly the balance shifted to the customer for much of this conversation.

So when you get time to reflect on the focus of your business activities it is useful to ask yourself the question – am I on balance in balance?

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