Are you stuck in an old paradigm or looking for new ways of serving your market? #bmgen

If you have been following this blog for a while you would know that I am a strong advocate of the shifts in business ecosystems.  There are lots of case studies of companies/products who got stuck in a rut never to live to serve their customers long term needs.

One of the ways of moving from current paradigms to future thinking is to undertake planning and innovative thinking using the Business Model Canvas invented by Alex Osterwalder.  I am a strong advocate of this system and use it widely with many different types of organisations.

If you want to learn more about the Canvas Alex has a great introductory video here

This is one of the easiest models to understand and therefore is a great tool as an introductory exercise at a planning workshop.  It gets groups thinking about the important things such as customers real needs, revenues or benefits derived and mechanisms for delivering value.  Further it doesn’t have any of the negatives of old fashioned business environmental assessment and can be a lot of fun for participants.

A workshop where people participate, have fun and get real answers, who wouldn’t want that?

Want more info then just get in touch.  We love working with people who believe there can be truly great outcomes and want to part of the team that makes them happen.

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