Golden circle – “why” is the real question to answer

The golden circle is a great model developed by Simon Sinek. It talks about people buying why, not how your product or service is different or what your product or service is.

People buy from you or engage with you because of your why, your passion, your reason for being in the market, what excites you and your staff.

It is this real difference in your business model that gets you to the top and keepsmyou there. The world is full of companies selling similar products for similar prices. Today more than ever new ideas, new products and new services have a short shelf life. Smartphones are a classic examples.

But organizational culture is a different matter, this is the true differentiator. Competitors, existing or new, can copy your business in every respect (patents and IP excepted) but they can’t copy your culture!

Well not unless they buy the company and change nothing, a pretty tall order indeed!

So I recommend watching the video and working on your own golden circle.

And if you want to know more or discuss how to use this to energise your organisation we would love to share our passion for success with you. Contact us via one of the links on this page.

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