“buckle up it’s going to be an interesting ride” – don’t miss this video!

Ericsson have shared their insights with us on the digital future now that broadband is part of every day life.  This is truly worth a look.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=R7cuatm_bqw

See my earlier post on mega waves in the music industry to see how this is affecting business.

How is your organisation preparing for the threats and opportunities this change to the ecosystem delivers?  Try using the Business Model Canvas to test your business model against changes in your ecosystem.

Try and imagine the 3D internet they refer to in the video and how it impacts each segment of the canvas.  Scary but exciting at the same time.  The options seem endless, if we can just imagine them (our paradigms, our experiences and our learnings make this hard to do) and harness the resources to make the changes we need.

Need help on any of these topics then contact me for some further info groupstrategy@comcen.com.au

As the guy says at the end of the video “buckle up it is going to be an interesting ride”

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