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No team goals = no team mindset = no team outcomes #teams

Team leaders are often frustrated by their team not getting behind the goals and vision the leader has, not contributing to developing these goals and vision and the team not therefore reaching it’s full potential.

Executing any plan requires buy in from those who have to execute and deliver the plan. The best way to get buy in is to have the team develop the plan together.

Of course this is fine for small teams but is much harder to achieve where teams are large and / or geogrpahically spread.

There are a few key things to remember when executing with teams.
* teams are made up of people with various motivations, needs and mindsets. There will be those who welcome and race for change, the early adopters, right through to the recalitrants, those who will resist at all costs. Harness the early adopters!
* teams that develop the plan together are more likely to execute the plan. They will understand the case for change because they identified it. They will sell the case for change also.
* in large and geographically dispersed teams empower change agents within geographic or organisational areas and provide them with the training and information to sell the plan
* communicate, communicate, communicate. Don’t let the rumours and water cooler conversations become the gospel. Open, honest and factual at all times is best.
* celebrate the wins
* focus on the end game, monitor progress and reward positive outcomes

Make plan execution a team sport, a fun activity and energise your team to be winners. Ask them the question, ‘how do you want others to see and speak about our team?’

And I am a firm believer that change is lead not managed!

So set the team energised in developing the team goals. Only with team goals will you have team behaviour.

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