Time to Review and Renew – the 10 things envelope #plan #strategy

One of the things I encourage people to do at my workshops is to set personal goals.  It is a great ice breaker and gets people focused on the future.

I ask them to write down 10 things they would like to achieve in the next twelve months, place it in an envelope and date it.

There are no boundaries to what people are allowed to write, it can be professional development right through to relationships or financial gain.  And importantly it is private, no one is asked to share what they have written!

It is amazing how many of those objectives people find they have achieved when they break open their envelope after twelve months and review the year just gone.  Better than 50% of the objectives are usually met and a typical benchmark is closer to 80%.

So if you have been to one of my workshops where we have done this it may be time to Review and Renew. (And if you haven’t then start with an envelope now!)

Review how you went over the last twelve months and repeat the process so you Renew your objectives for the next twelve.

It only takes a few minutes, go on do it now before some pressing item comes across your desk! Oh, and put a diary entry in for twelve months time so you remember to Review and Renew every year!

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