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GPS for Business – the BPS

I have a new blog on the idea of a Business Postioning System you can build yourself, much like a GPS guides our journey in a car, boat or plane.

Read it at

Hope you like the idea! Let me know if you think I am off with the fairies on this one (:))


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Bringing Science to the Art of Strategy

A scientific approach to strategy is a new piece I have just posted.

It summarises work by a group at HBR on becoming more scientific in our approach to developing and executing strategies. It is a great follow up to the last article on strategy in business versus strategy in athletics.

In the article the authors provide seven straight forward steps to follow. If you like some of my other posts then this one will get your mind working for your next strategic session.

go to and see if you agree.

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Is there alignment between sporting strategy and business strategy?

I have just written a piece on this analogy for Strategy Connect™.  I hope you like it.  It is at

Let me know your thoughts.

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Lead versus Lag Measures

It is important to have both lead and lag measures in your strategy governance model.

I have just posted a short blog on how to develop and use lead measures in addition to lag measures when monitoring your strategy execution.

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And we now have included articles of interest and you can find the index here.

Let me know what you think.

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“What Matters Now” a new book by Gary Hamel


I have just posted a new blog over at Strategy Connect™ on Professor Hamel’s new book “What Matters Now” , head on over for a few words about this new book and how his thinking on the creative economy and the way to engage with your staff relates to strategy and strategy execution.

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Lets talk soon!

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