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Virtuous versus vicious cycles

Virtuous cycles are great components of successful strategy execution.  I have a new post at  for your comment.

We need to break the vicious cycles, it is too easy to propagate a system where we sink further into the mire even though we are trying hard to fix the problems.  Too often we jump to conclusions based upon our own mindsets.  This can lead to fast failure.  Look for ways to break the cycle and establish a virtuous cycle.

Add to the old steps with an extra one; plan, do, check, act AND learn!  That way it is easier next time you have the same problem you need to address, indeed you may not have a problem at all!!

Have a read of the article and let me know what you think.

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Today is Yesterdays Tomorrow #strategy

I have just posted some new thinking over at the Strategy Connect™ Centre of Excellence.

I talk about the future moulding us rather than the other way around. How many organisations truly set their future environments versus follow the impact of change in their industry as it arrives.

Are we standing still and the future is coming to us or ………

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